Ride to Live - Wetterau Classic Cup - Spring 21'

Time span: 01.04.2021 - 30.06.2021
Tries per segment: No limit
Riding Style: Solo
Eligible to Participate: Everyone
Strava Club: Link
Here is the ultimate Ride to Live - Wetterau Classic Cup - Spring 21' with 7 magic segments to ride full speed: 1.Aperitif Shot - Feld Oberursel // 650m 3.5% 2.Faster Starter - Niddasprint Assenheim -> Florstadt // 4km flat along Nidda 3.Main Course - Alte Stockheimer Strasse // 1.68km 5.3% 4.Say Cheese - Aldi Lindheim - L3189 Altenstadt // 2.42km flat 5.Sweet Desert - Nedderau climb // 1.43km 3.5 % 6.Bitter Digestif- Voll gas! // 1.20km flat 7.Rechnung Escape - Hohe str. S1 west # Sprinter der Herzen // 0.40km flat The rules: For each segment, up to 100 points can be obtained based on the ranking The cumulative rankings are created by summing up your points over all segments of the cup To calculate the final ranking, your best times are used Good luck and ride carefully PS: the route -> https://www.strava.com/routes/2815860482080135256

Preliminary Rankings

Marian Müller
Points: 400.0
Philip Conrad
Points: 270.0
Ulf R.
Points: 100.0

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Ulf R.
Points: 100.0