Open STRAVA Cup Toulouse

Time span: 01.06.2020 - 31.07.2020
Tries per segment: No limit
Riding Style: Solo
Eligible to Participate: Everyone
Strava Club: Link
Toulouse and its surroundings are home to many passionate cyclists. The idea is to select ten segments from Toulouse and the surrounding area every two months. These have no traffic lights and allow the sporting competition among all participants in compliance with all traffic rules. The rules are currently only available in German: gut are also translated in the club comments. Open Strava Championship 2020 Since all races and group trips are likely to be canceled for a while, the idea came up to motivate them through unofficial district championships. In order to do justice to the current situation, there is no direct driving against each other. Instead, it is a series of time trials and mountain time trials. The basic idea: a championship determines up to 10 Strava segments. Each participant drives the segments as often as he wants during the championship period. There is a maximum score for the best time. There are the classes total / women / seniors (+40). In the end, the titles Crown Prince, Queen and King of the District are awarded. If the measures are relaxed by then, you can certainly celebrate it with dignity. At a glance - Anyone can join, register via Strava on this website - Put your best time solo on the selected segments - Up to 100 points are awarded for each segment depending on the placement - The total scores result from the sum of the points across all segments - The placement on the last day of the championship counts for the final classification - Your achievements are counted from the start of the championship, even if you were not registered at the beginning Segments Only road segments with good asphalt - no off-road. Either use of existing segments, if created sensibly, otherwise new segments are created. Possibly colored marking of the start and end points of the segments. Minimum length: 1km. Maximum length: 25km. Safer conditions: no downhill (-4%), only right of way, only right turn, no traffic lights. From completely flat to wavy to mountain time trial. As diverse as possible requirements so that there is something for everyone. Participation requirements Everyone is fundamentally eligible to participate. No club membership or license required. Strava account and publication of GPS data on Strava required. No registration deadline. It is possible to be included in the evaluation at any time within the evaluation period. Then there is less time to let off steam on the segments. Everyone adheres to the traffic regulations at all times when driving the segments. Everyone drives at their own risk. Rules of the game During the championship period, each segment can go through any number of times in any order. Heart rate or performance data would be nice, but is not a must. Only racing bikes with a drop bar are allowed. No time trial bikes, recumbent bikes, velomobiles, motor support, or handlebar trailers No slipstream driving. Neither behind another cyclist, nor behind a vehicle. Times that were set up on a group trip or during an RTF do not count. (Of course, nobody can and will not control this, but in terms of equal opportunities, we simply hope that the rules are observed.) Of course, wind is an important issue. Exploiting weather conditions is expressly allowed! Adjusting the shape and wind conditions for the personal best is core competence in the Strava Game. Scoring Only times of participants who meet the above participation requirements will be recorded. Only times that were driven within the evaluation period are counted. The best time must be visible on Strava and appear in the segment lists. Only the respective best time per segment is included in the evaluation. So a maximum of ten ratings per participant. All segments are rated the same regardless of length or difficulty. Maximum score for the winner. Points: 100/90/81,5/74/67/60,5/55/49,5/45/40,5/37/33,5/30/27,5/24,5/22,5/20/18,5/16,5/15/13,5/12/11... However, since new record times can be set at any time, the overall rating is dynamic at all times! If a best time is beaten, the new leader gets the maximum number of points and the number of the fastest so far is reduced. The rating is updated every hour to reflect the current Strava server load. So be patient if your time has not yet surfaced. French translation tbd.

Preliminary Rankings

Jürgen Simon
Points: 500.0
annie hartley
Points: 270.0
Victor Xing
Points: 100.0
annie hartley
Points: 300.0

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