UA Cycling Cup MTB Round 2

Time span: 12.09.2020 - 28.09.2020
Tries per segment: No limit
Riding Style: Solo
Eligible to Participate: Everyone
Strava Club: Link
In honor of the reopening of several trails on Mt Lemmon, Round 2 of the MTB Segment Cups will be predominantly there! A few local trails will also be added for some quick access off of Anklem! Remember to be safe, ride within your abilities, tell somewhere where you are going, and look out for other riders and animals! THERE IS NO CELL SIGNAL IN MOST OF THE RIDING AREAS ON MT LEMMON; TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND BRING PLENTY OF FOOD/WATER!

Preliminary Rankings

Nikos Casto
Points: 570.0
Spencer Ciammitti
Points: 480.0
Nathan Thompson
Points: 326.0
Stephanie Bruggink
Points: 171.5
Stephanie Bruggink
Points: 200.0

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