Machinery Hill TT series - Midtown TT

Time span: 22.06.2020 - 28.06.2020
Tries per segment: No limit
Riding Style: Solo
Eligible to Participate: Everyone
Strava Club: Link
Hey folks! We’ve got a shorter TT for you to try out this week. This 7 mile segment near Inver Grove Heights will test your ability to power over punchy climbs. We’ve got no sponsor in particular this week, but Randall Huskamp from Midtown put this segment together for us. Aaron Halfaker recorded a loop around the course on his GoPro to help everyone out with recon ( along with the usual Strategy Guide ( The route is a bit complicated. We have 4 right turns at stop signs. Mind your GPS or take advantage of the video/guide to study the course carefully. The course ends at the “Stop ahead” sign on Courthouse Blvd. so you’ll have plenty of time before the stop signs to slow down. Segment: Route: If you’re driving to the course, we suggest parking in the Inver Grove Community Center parking lot.

Preliminary Rankings

Aaron Halfaker
Points: 100.0

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