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Änderungen des Strava Abo-Modells

Was sich für Segment Cups ändert, kannst du hier lesen.


Segment Cup

Since all races are suspended for the near future, the idea of segment cups came up to create motivation. In response to the current situation, we do not compete against each other directly. Instead, there is a series of segments where your best efforts are counted towards a cumulative score.

The core idea: A Cup has up to 10 Strava segments. Each participant completes the segments within the timespan of the cup as often as needed. For each segment, points are distributed based on the best efforts. There are 3 classes, Overall, Women and Masters (40+).

At the end, the prince, queen and king of the cup are crowned.

At a Glance

Anyone can participate, you can sign on with Strava on this website
Complete all segments alone without any help. The best effort will be counted
For each segment, up to 100 points can be obtained based on the ranking
The cumulative rankings are created by summing up your points over all segments of the cup
To calculate the final ranking, your best times are used
Even if you signed up later, your best efforts since the beginning of the cup will be counted


Only road segments with good pavement. For MTB cups, no downhill trails.
Safe Conditions: It should be possible to ride the segments safely at full power. No left turns or traffic lights, no dangerous downhill segments!
Select segments with sensible start and end points.
Segments should not be too short or too long, ideally between 1 and 25 km.

Participation Conditions

Anyone can participate, only a Strava account is required.
Due to recent changes of Strava's segments, only Premium users can participate.
You can sign up at any time during a Cup. Your best efforts since the beginning of the cup will be counted
You must adhere to your local traffic laws.
We are not responsible for your behavior, everyone rides at their own risk.


You can ride any segment as often as you like during the Cup's timespan.
Heartrate or power data are nice-to-have, but not required.
For road Cups, only drop bar road bikes are allowed, no ebikes, no time trial bikes or anything similar
No drafting or help from others when completing segmens. Group rides are allowed, as long as the segments are completed alone.
Wind is an important factor, and it is explicitly allowed to use the weather for your advantage! Considering the weather and your current fitness to reach your best times are key in the Strava Game!


Only participants who obey the rules will be considered for the rankings.
Your efforts must appear on Strava's Segment Leaderboards
Only your best time per segment will be counted.
For every segment, the best rider will get 100 points (detailed points system in FAQ)
If two riders have the same time on a segment, the one who completed it first will get the higher ranking