Support the Project

If you enjoy, and you want to advance the further development, we would be really thankful for your support!

Many featured can still be added

There are a few things we stil want to work on:

A voting phase before cups, to select the best segments
Report users and cups that violate the rules
Statistics and visualizations about the progression of rankings
Private cups, protected by a password or a Strava-Club membership
Translation to more languages
Customizable Emails if your ranking changes
Direct links to activities in the rankings for logged in users
And much more! If you have ideas, please contact us!

Already added features thanks to your support :)

Sign off from cups
Organizers can now edit cups
Cup map added
Translation to English

The Project

This Project is a joint idea of Dominique Jansing (Concept, Graphics, Descriptions), Matthias Kallage (Concept) and Marcel Kröker (Concept, Development of website and sever), developed in our free time. The idea first came up during the Corona pandemic to deliver a bit of motivation to ride, and grew from there.

How can I help?

The easiest way to help is with PayPal. With that, we can cover our server costs, and dedicate more time into refining the application!

Even a small amout of 1$ is helpful, or the 10$ that you would have paid for a race 😁

Support with PayPal